Monday, January 31, 2005

Kiddie Records Weekly: dig them crazy album covers!

I swear, just give me a sampler, two turntables, and the budget of a small island nation so's I could stock up on vinyl like this, and I could turn out the greatest party record ever.


You know how I can tell the new Punisher video game is going to suck? Because they barely show any of the actual in-game screens in the commercials. It seems like it's all cut-scenes. I think they're trying to sucker people in with the graphics, only to hand them a crappy game.

Unless, of course, those are the in-game screens. In which case, this could be the greatest game ever.


One feature of the Xbox that I hope the PS3 will integrate: the ability to create your own soundtrack for certain games. A nice touch.

I got a fever and the only cure is...

Monday, January 17, 2005

Friday, January 14, 2005

Union Reaches Tentative Deal With Hotels

This is great news, and just made my weekend. I really hope the union got a fair deal. Kinda makes me wish I had gone to the team member gala that's going on as I type this.

Well, not really. My co-workers are fucking clownshoes. But congrats to the union! What you lacked in chants, you made up for in determination.

WHFS is dead. Long live WHFS?

As many of you local Washingtonians may know, WHFS, "modern rock" radio for the D.C. metro area, switched formats without warning, becoming El Zol, a Spanish-language station. It has, not surprisingly, outraged several locals, who now will have to look elsewhere for their Nickelback fix. I, on the other hand, fail to see what all the hub-bub is about. I understand that many moons ago, 'HFS was somewhat relevant (this would be their free form years). But in the dozen years that I've lived in this area, 'HFS has been largely forgettable, offering little more than what kids could get (with moving images!) on the MTV. It's place as a local institution aside, I see no reason to get all worked up over the format change. It's not like 'HFS was presenting music you can't find anywhere else. 'HFS had its day, and maybe if they were more interested in building a following by providing a true alternative (remember that word?) to what was out there, I'd give a good goddamn about the station's demise. But, switching from one corporate controlled format to another means little to me. It's like noticing corn in your stool: it's different, but it's still shit.

Vaya con dios, 'HFS.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

As some of you may know, I work at one of the larger hotels that will be hit by the labor fallout that looms on the horizon. Today, they started to "walk and work", meaning they work their shift, then go walk a picket line on their free time. A full-blown strike could happen as soon as this weekend.

Now, I could go into a few of the more relevant issues being brought up in these discussions, or I could go into my own opinions about hotel management, the union, etc. However, I will bypass these relevant hot topics and, as always, go straight for comedy.

Worst. Chants. Ever.

I think my contribution to the revolution may have to be writing some new chants that won't make them sound like toll booth school rejects moaning the lyrics to The Banana Splits in German. (Or something equally ridiculous.) An example of their inspiring rallying cries:

"I don't know but I've been told/DC is a union town."

They also did a parody of some fight song from Remember the Titans, but I haven't seen that movie, so I can't really give any details. (My colleague informed me of the source material for that chant.)

Anyway, I really am hoping that this can be resolved before a big strike breaks out. With any luck, reason and fairness will finally make their way to the bargaining table and everybody can walk away happy. Naive? Possibly, but what else am I going to wish for?

I wonder what Snopes will have to say about this.

Mud shrimp, anyone?

Thursday, January 6, 2005

I know this is a little late, but have some holiday music right here.

I coulda/shoulda x-posted this to my music blog, but this intrigues me more from a science/tech/geek standpoint than a musical one. Though, having listened to one of the tracks here ("Holy Night"), it also works on a musical level as well. That track is minimal, but the fluctuating peaks of sound has a very sensual quality to it. I probably couldn't listen to a lot of this at once, but there's enough to it that I could revisit it.

Anyway, you should probably read here before checking it out, just to get a better idea of what you're actually listening to.

Tuesday, January 4, 2005

Welcome to 2005.

Have been banged up the last couple of days, riding out some mild food poisoning. Consequently, blogging is not particularly high on the list of things to do when I'm home. But, thought I'd say a few words, welcome the rabble to a new year here at the clown college known as The Damian Vegas Experience (DVX in shorthand).

First, I'd like to say how much I'm enjoying (from the little I've seen; I've been napping most of this evening) USC putting a beating on Oklahoma. I'm not really a USC fan, but for some reason, I don't like Oklahoma. I have no reason. Just a hater, I guess.

The year wound up very nicely, I must say. Family-wise, this is without question one of the best Christmases I've had in some time. Everybody was there, there was no drama, and everybody seemed really happy. Plus, my nephew and I spent a lot of time together. That's always a good thing.

Work has been pretty busy, as to be expected for this time of the year in an accounting office. I will say, however, that stress-wise, it is nowhere near what I was expecting, which is a huge godsend. This food poisoning nonsense was bad enough. But if the stress had even approached last year's levels, I would have quit on the spot and probably released some of my gastro-ick in the director's office as a parting shot. (For the record, the offending food was mashed potatoes; I can't believe one of my favorite foods turned on me!)

The New Year's Eve celebration was also low-key, but very nice. JG and I made the trip up to Emmaus, where we dove into 2005 with JW, CE and his family. No twinkies were deep-fried, but I did have some apple pucker. So things balanced out.

The football season has ended. That means the fantasy football season has ended as well. Once again, I sucked in the league that counted ($$$) and won my non-money Yahoo league. Oh well, I had fun anyway.

Shameless plug: check out Missives to the Masses, SR's re-invention of his blog. It's a quality, well-written read.

Getting kinda scattered here (I mean, even for this blog), so I'm wrapping it up. Best wishes for the new year to my friends. And to my enemies: crabs. Mutant crabs laying waste to your genitalia. Resolution #1: no pulling punches in 2005! I rule you!