Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Next Item Up For Bid...

Merry Xxxmas, game nerds.

When I Can, I Will

Substance. It's something that this space has been lacking. It's not for a dearth of things to talk about; nor is it (entirely) due to a lack of time. The largest factor at play here is focus. I've been a bit scatterbrained as a result of sinister cocktail made from introspection, future-thinking, life changes, workload, music addiction, and video game-induced torpor (thankyouverymuch Guitar Hero 2). Oh, and chronic onanism. Always with the onanism.

As stated previously (I think), my mother and youngest sister moved down to North Carolina. Well, by the end of next week, my other sister and her family (husband and kids) will be down there as well. So the only family left in the area will be Big Lou. And while that's still great, I will certainly miss being able to see my family, especially the children, whenever I want.

Quoi d'autre...Erica and her mother came down to visit at the end of October. That was nice. Her mother really is so incredibly sweet and caring. She sends down food for me everytime Erica comes to visit, and has even started calling me! Hell, my own mother doesn't even do that. (I keed!)

Speaking of Erica, she and I just celebrated one year together. It's been a long time since I've been able to say that. Anyway...good times. And, to tie it all together, I'll be spending Thanksgiving with her and her family. This will mark the very first time this holiday has been spent with people outside of my family.

Movies: Saw Borat (with Erica and some friends) and For Your Consideration (with Los O's). Both were funny and worth your money, not that I really need to make a case for either. I think I've seen, um, three movies now this year. Four? Maybe even five. Jaysus!

Music: Too much to list, and mostly metal (including purchasing a handful of landmarks of the genre that were missing from my collection), so none of yous will probably care, anyway. I still can't speak highly enough of that Melvins album.

Books: About to start--honest!--Fermat's Enigma. Because every now and then, the math nerd in me creeps out.

Games: Guitar Hero 2 Guitar Hero 2 Guitar Hero 2 Guitar Hero 2 Guitar Hero 2. (Oh, and some Lego Star Wars 2 and a little bit of Mercenaries.)

And that's been it, more or less. I'm sure my sleepy brain is forgetting something, but I don't know what it is. So this will have to do.

Happy Thanksgiving to the lot of ya. Hope to see you all soon. Be safe.