Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Hello people. My birthday has come and gone, and only my family members bought me items from my wishlist. You filthy bastards! What the hell is wrong with you?! The wishlist is there for a reason, people. To make me happy! Buy me things, or I swear I'll track you down and have you all beaten if I don't start getting more action here.

Anyway, the birthday was great. I went to Shula's Steakhouse the weekend before with the Entourage. (I don't think I've discussed "The Entourage" before on here; perhaps another time.) It was a terrific meal and a great surprise, and it boosted my spirits more than just about anything has recently. I did not join the 48 oz. Club, however. Dare to dream, I say!

The weekend after the birthday, I went home to visit family. I got cake and gifts and plenty of time to play with my niece and nephew. I felt so good after that stay. I always feel good after coming home, I really should do it more often. I'll be home soon enough, as my niece will be celebrating her first birthday in a few weeks. She's more adorable every time I see her. *insert sigh here*

One last birthday related note: I got great gifts from my friend Monica. A couple of them were actually supposed to be for my birthday last year, but because she's been kinda crippled and lazy (and in L.A. at the time), she never sent them. She drew the first ever Damian Vegas comic and also picked me up a tape by Hulk Hogan and Wrestling Boot Band. And for this year, she burned me a great CD. Just tremendous. Thanks, Monica!

In less significant news, I just finished Max Payne and have started Final Fantasy X. On deck: Devil May Cry, Medal of Honor: Frontline, and on its way, Kingdom Hearts. An unholy union between Squaresoft and Disney? Sure, why not?!

Lastly, I've been stopping by Cam Whores more recently after a significant lack of interest for a while. New ("new") favorite is Haru.

Musically, I have picked up the Butthole Surfers' "lost album" Humpty Dumpty LSD and have 2 cds coming in: Yo La Tengo's The Sounds of the Sound of Science and The Bombshelter DJs (Radar and Z-Trip) Live at the Future Primitive. Can't wait to get them. The BHS album is great, btw. Fans of the band who actually enjoy Hairway to Steven or Locust Abortion Technician (or more to the point, who knew the band existed before "Pepper") would do well to pick it up.

And I'm spent. 'Night!

Thursday, September 12, 2002

Well, it's been a few weeks, and the most significant event to occur (here comes duh) is the one year anniversary of September 11th. I can't say I was any more reflective yesterday than I usually am. As a matter of fact, I think i semi-consciously tried to avoid thinking too much about it. But, of course, I could only hold out for so long. Starting with prime-time TV last night and the slew of 9/11 programming, I got sucked right back into it. And most surprisingly, the impact from seeing all of those images again were still as powerful a year later. I suppose thinking a year would somehow dilute the memories was a bit naive; not that I didn't want to be effected by it, but a year is a long time for somebody--especially somebody who didn't personally lose someone to the attacks--to regroup emotionally. It just seemed natural that I wouldn't be as moved by this tragedy as I had been then. I was wrong.

In less somber news, I fixed my PS2, so I've been playing the shit out of Max Payne, which I picked up to celebrate my success. I <3 Rockstar Games. I cannot WAIT until Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is released. (And if anybody would like to be generous and reserve/buy me a copy--as seen on my Wishlist!--feel free to do so. [End shill.]