Saturday, January 28, 2006


You ever have that somnambulist feeling? Do feel like I do?

I haven't been feeling the blog thing lately. Usually, I'll go through periods of non-blogging but still make mental notes of things I'd like to write about, hoping that enough material would pile up and force me to write something here. Sometimes it happens; most often, it does not. Of course, considering that most of the fodder for my blog is personal experiences and work has managed to limit that lately, the saturation point that triggers blog-writing has not really been approached.

Beyond the work thing (which is actually, finally, honestly approaching the point of being manageable), I haven't even been thinking about blogging much, with the exception of a piece that is half-formed in my mind about recent unique gaming experiences (covering three titles in particular: Indigo Prophecy, Shadow of the Colossus, and Guitar Hero) and the slow trickle of titles that are trying to move beyond or at least expand upon traditional game forms. But, as is usual when an idea occurs to me, I find myself unable to get beyond the note gathering phase and actually hammer something out. It's a combination of factors, most boring and predictable, so there's no need to elaborate.

I can tell you that things have not been completely devoid of social activity. I've returned to the gym after a lapse in attendance; EF came down for a long weekend a couple of weeks ago, and I've managed to hang out with The Drizzle (new nickname pending) the last couple of weekends (football and beer!), with Mr. O on board last night. I've also returned to my favorite bakery a couple of times the last few weeks. Honestly, folks, if you happen to be near one of their locations any time soon, I suggest you swing by and pick yourself up some Pesto Asiago or Cinnamon Swirl bread (or both; who says indecision is bad?).

I've also been spending way too much time ripping my music collection into one of Xmas gifts. It's been a great chance to listen to stuff I haven't pulled off the shelf in ages. At the same time, it's only three weeks into the new year and I already feel behind new music. One notable exception: the new release from Pearls and Brass, who will be playing in DC in March at DC 9. (Another good show coming in March for all you noiseniks is Whitehouse with Pig Destroyer, and Wolf Eyes. Um, bring earplugs. Tinnitus can be a bitch.)

The next couple of weeks will see the Super Bowl happening, as well as hitting Fado for some Six Nations Rugby action. I'll also be heading back to PA to see EF. I'm sure other plans will materialize, but that's all that's on the radar at the moment.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

This would be even cooler if they were also developing an R2 unit to fix the thing when it went on the fritz.

Friday, January 6, 2006

Monday, January 2, 2006

That's It?

It's been quiet, as always, around these parts. The holidays, as well as 2005 itself, have come and gone and with them, some new perspectives, inspirations, and aspirations have been gained. Plus, I now have a subscription to Sheep! (Thanks, Driz. I'm sure I'm now on Homeland Security's watch list.) So I got that going for me.

Christmas was spent with the family, and it was quite a wonderful time, up until the call on Christmas evening informing my mother that she had lost another sibling. My uncle's passing was unexpected and gave a bleak ending to what was an otherwise great holiday weekend. I hadn't seen this uncle since my grandmother's funeral about eight years ago, and that was the only time I'd seen him since I entered adulthood. I didn't know him that well, so I didn't have a strong reaction to the news. Honestly, my thoughts have been more on my mother since finding out. The good thing is that, even though I haven't seen him in nearly a decade, he had actually been in contact with my mother semi-regularly the last year or so. She had actually spoken to him the week before, and she's glad she got to tell him she loved him when she did. Not everyone is that lucky.

On a more upbeat note, I did get a nice digital camera, and managed to take some pictures with it. They're not the best quality (still haven't sat down with it to find out what it's capable of), but they'll do. For instance, here are two of my niece and nephew.

My niece in a rare calm moment. (Mit Pooh!)

My niece turning around to push her brother out of her picture. She is such a spotlight hog.

The New Year was spent in the company of EF, who flew down on Friday night. We cabbed back to my place, did the gift exchange (no, that's not a euphemism), had a delicious late dinner at Afterwords, then basically came back and crashed. We slept in on New Year's eve, grabbing a late lunch, then some relaxing before we decide to go the Black Cat for their New Year's Eve Ball. You know, in all of my years of living in the D.C. area, I've never been to the NYE celebration featuring Peaches O'Dell and Her Orchestra at the Black Cat. And, this year was no different.

See, what ha' happened was, we went, and we bought tickets, but it was early.

Me: She's doing four sets, plus there's some DJ action on the backstage. Since it's early, why don't we get a drink first?
EF: Okay.

So we went to the Red Room, got ourselves a couple of drinks, and soon after a couple of stools. And, well, we just drank and had a good time. It was great to be there, since I haven't been there since my birthday celebration back in September. And EF and I were having such a good time that going to check out the music seemed unnecessary.

Here are some photos of the evening (linked instead of put into the post for space purposes):

EF at the bar.
People in costume!
Gingerbread! (Notice the bunny ears in the frame. Bunnyhead got all up in my grill.)

At some point, we decided to pack it in. While settling up, I offered one last chance to justify the ticket purchase, but I think we were a bit too to' up, and the fresh air was more inviting. So we left.

From the walk home. Fortunately, even in her inebriated state, EF was able to talk me out of Yum's. However, she did not deter me from fresh donuts at 7-11. Success!

And that is that. Happy New Year, bitches.