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These Aren't The Droids You're Looking For

Are You Ready To Rock?

The list of confirmed songs for Guitar Hero 2 has expanded. I suppose the inclusion of "Free Bird" was inevitable. The Lamb of God track is a nice surprise.

With this, Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy, God of War 2*, Yakuza (out tomorrow), and Final Fantasy XII out this fall (as well as releases of game adaptations of Reservoir Dogs and Scarface), the probable release of two more next-gen consoles (Nintendo's Wii and Sony's PS3), and the latest controversial title from the Rockstar Games (Bully), it should be an interesting fall for game nerds all over the country.

*Turns out GoW2 isn't due out until Q1 2007. Nuts.


There's so much gold here. "Passion piledrivers." (Also a mixed drink: 1/3 passion fruit juice, 1/3 prune juice, 1/3 vodka.) Guys being dragged to hell. It also raises some questions. For instance, would a "Holy shit!" chant be acceptable after a major spot? If they have were to have a death match, like a Taipei Death Match or an Anus Explosion Death Match, could there really be a loser? And really, even if they have extreme matches, don't they kind of pale in comparison to some biblical events? How impressive is a powerbomb through a light tube log cabin when compared to the raising Lazarus from the dead? Sure, "Sick" Nick Mondo can take a weed whacker to the gut, but let's see him rain fire and brimstone down on a couple of cities.

Crikey, Indeed

RIP, Crocodile Hunter