Tuesday, February 27, 2007

God of War II

I got a brief, playable demo this past weekend, and it is fantastic. The gameplay has not changed much, but there was not really a reason to make changes, as the gameplay was pretty much flawless in the original. This is really the last major game on this generation of systems (that I know of) and should not be missed.

More (much more?) about this past weekend soon.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Who Knew?

I never thought that I'd ever threaten my girlfriend's mother with a nice "smash" on the chestal region--even in jest while talking trash during a game--but here we are.

Good times...

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Shove More Bourbon Down His Mouth Hole


The last two weeks have been kinda ass, to put it politely. As if the work wasn't bad enough, now I can't checks my home email or reads any blogs, because it's all been blocked! How dare they create an environment where I'll get more work done. But, the craziness--as far as the workload goes, anyway--ends tomorrow. The return of a co-worker means he gets his work back, and hopefully signals the loss of one seriously inept temp. Plus, I'm off to PA early in the day, not coming back until Sunday. Just in time.

But, not to leave you empty-handed, regardez: go download something a leaked track from the (still) upcoming GNR album, Chinese Democracy. Go on, do it. Don't be a pussy.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Yes! Home before 9. That's a start.

Model UN is in the house, so the hotel is crawling with high school kids. Damn them. Laying about like they own the place. I shakes my fist at you! And by fist I mean...

It's been an exhausting week, and I think the only possible cure is metal. Priestess, Converge, and the mighty Mastodon at the 9:30 this Saturday. Carl, I may need to borrow your Pig Destroyer t-shirt.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


You know what sucks about working until nine? Getting home late and then eating dinner and then being up at 1:30 in the morning digesting, wondering why I'm not allowed to punish the wicked with impunity. Savages.

Word of advice to anyone who is going to purchase a computer over the internets. PAY ATTENTION TO THE DIMENSIONS. I got this tower and it's a feckin' beast. Feels like overkill, but I likes it.

Anyway...I'm going to see if I can get in the mood to sleep. In the meantime, kitten therapy.

Monday, February 12, 2007

This day sucked. And now there's a dog show on my TV.

Well, let's see, I blitzed through a near 10 hour day without a break--and that's not an exaggeration--having to deal with a temp who is too cautious to do anything on her own, setting our work back significantly. Yet, she's too timid to even be snarky with. She's like Hooks from the Police Academy movies. Eventually, things came to a head and I had to take over and get us caught up to a manageable point. More importantly, I got caught up enough so that I could finish my own work.

This is why I'm not team-oriented. I don't have the patience to work with a bunch of Grossmans every day. If not for the people who don't suck (invariably, the people upon whom I rely the least in terms of my own work), that place would be intolerable.

And my boss is off this week! I'm supposed to be enjoying myself! Dammit.

In more positive news, had an enjoyable weekend, including dinner with The Drizzle and Los O's on Friday evening, and drinks with The Drizzle and JP on Saturday. Sunday was lazy. So, so lazy.

Lastly, some consumer advice: you so called rock fans are raging posers if you don't have this already. I've got the original version of Kingdom Come and it's boss.* Get some.

*That's for CLJO. I'm bringing it back!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Free Ozzy!

See Ozzfest 2007 for free. Wow. Between this and Van Halen, big name tours are already looking good for this summer. I wonder how long the free tour will last, and if it will catch on.

There's No Such Thing As Clowns

The last two weeks have been pretty swell, all told. (Little illnesses aside.) Two weeks ago, Erica came into town for a few days, which is always fun. We wound up bowling with co-workers on Friday night. I didn’t bowl this time, after I humiliated myself the last time. Erica did, and she repped the family quite well. MC and JS (my favoritest co-worker and her lady) bowled out of their minds, so my vicarious bowling needs were well met. Plus, another co-worker did a split after one of her bowling taunts. Easy highlight of the night.

The rest of that weekend was spent shopping, sleeping (boy, lots of sleep), keeping warm, and talking trash over games of Mario Party. I took that Monday off so I could spend more time with her before she had to catch the late afternoon train back home. With any luck, I won’t have to be writing phrases like “train back home” for much longer. Not that anything is imminent; just saying.

This past weekend was another road trip with the Drizzle to check out some land in Northern Alabama (aka Pennsylvania). This time, the land was in Gettysburg, and was actually a nice piece of property, even if you can’t set up a canoe business. After a thorough examination of the land—well, as thorough as you can be without leaving the car—we hit the Gettysburg Appalachian Brewing Company for a beer and a couple of hours of shooting pool and chit-chat. For the record, I lost the best of five series, 3-2, because the Drizzle is much more adept at the “let the other guy scratch on the eight ball” strategy than I. We went from there to the Gettysburg G-Man, after discovering that Hoss’s was too crowded for dinner. There we ate and drank a bit more, while working the phones trying to get local folks to join us. Sadly, there were no takers. Lazy savages. Unfortunately, our evening was cut short (due to the aforementioned illness) and we made our way back to D.C. after settling up here.

Sunday, of course, was the Super Bowl.

As gleeful as I was with the outcome, it has been tempered somewhat by something approximating pity for the Bears. Sure seemed like 52 men showed up to play that game. Unfortunately, the very key 53rd man turned into the pumpkin most people knew he was. I think Neil O’Donnell owes Turnoversaurus Rex a nice dinner, since he’s no longer the biggest goat in Super Bowl history. (You know, Troy Smith would look pretty good in a Bears uniform.)

But hey, at least they got there. There are thirty other teams who cannot say that. And many of them (including my beloved Dolphins) haven’t even sniffed the playoffs for years now. So the Bears got that going for them, which is nice.

And now, a nation turns its eyes to college basketball and the coming March Madness. Feel it! The Drizzle and I will be making the trip for the opening round games again. This year’s destination: New Orleans!

Friday, February 2, 2007

Get Out Of My Way!

So, DNC is in the hizzy. Already, one candidate has lost a potential vote. (I won’t say her name, though. Ha!) Why? Because her @#$%# supporters don’t seem to understand the term “excuse me.” As in, “Excuse me, asshat. I’m trying to get to my office, and you guys do not seem to understand that clotting the hallway is not only a terrible breach of etiquette, but also a fire hazard. I don’t care who is in that room, it gives you no right to be a complete imbecile. Now, please, excuse me, before I etch my grievance into your #@$%@# forehead.”

Of course, I say that all with a smile. Hospitality, don’tcha know.

(On a side note, I am tempted to test another candidate's sense of humor by mentioning how clean and articulate he is, should I be lucky enough to meet him, as one of my co-workers already has.)